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Dawes: Nothing Is Wrong

Nothing Is Wrong

5 Sep 2011
Loose Music

 “like early Jackson Browne or Jimmy Webb, albeit with a more knowing, rootsy swagger” AMERICANA ALBUM OF THE MONTH – Uncut

“Dawes’ sound is redolent of faded denim, scuffed cowboy boots and hours spent sharing seats on a tour bus” ALBUM OF THE WEEK – The Independent

As with North Hills, Dawes opted to record Nothing Is Wrong live to 2″ analog tape. Far from just an exercise in nostalgic authenticity, the band sees the more traditional technique as a way of focusing their energies and affirming their dedication to the creative process.

“If you’re writing on a typewriter,” Goldsmith says, “you have to commit to whatever you’re writing. Typewriters don’t make it easy for you to go back and rethink things. Same thing with recording analog. We don’t do it because that’s what the people we admire did. We do it because it demands something out of us. It doesn’t allow us to show up lazy or not on our game. We cut every track knowing that this stuff isn’t easy to edit.”

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