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Desmond and the Tutus: Tuckshop

Desmond and the Tutus

September 18, 2008

“Desmond and the Tutus are youthful and brash. Their songs are wild, exclamatory; an urgent and final paen to their youth” – mahala.co.za

If you’re in South Africa then you can probably get our debut album ‘Tuckshop’ at most good music stores countrywide

Formed December 2005, Desmond & The Tutus plays an infectiously awesome blend of Rock ‘n Roll, Indie Kwela Pop and Genius.

You will have fun or else you will die. Not because we’re going to get all offended and poke your eyes out with sharp sticks or anything but rather because you’ll be trampled to a bleeding pulp by all the happy dancers jumping around like little crazies.

You’ll dance. You’ll cry. You’ll eat. You’ll touch yourself [maybe]. You’ll cut your hair. And then you’ll dance again. So if you see Desmond & The Tutus on a poster near you, go and jive – you won’t be disappointed.

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