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Deer Tick: Divine Providence

Deer Tick
Divine Providence

October 24, 2011

“If Deer Tick’s first couple of albums got the Rhode Island band branded as an alt-country act, their latest is a drunk leaning into your face and yelling, “You don’t know me, man!”” 7/10Rolling Stone

“It’s all served with such a knowing grin that you can’t help but love it” ★★★★Uncut

‘Divine Providence’ is the Rhode Island quintet’s fourth album in just five years, and is the first release recorded in their home state. It’s a follow-up to their fantastic ‘Black Dirt Sessions’, which New York magazine called “flat-out great,” and inspired the Late Show with David Letterman to give the band its network television debut.

After years of critics mainly praising them for their “folk” and “country” sounds and not touching on their other musical styles, the band wanted to make a record that was true to their live set (which has gained some notoriety): raw, loud, heartfelt, and completely uninterested in whatever the hell the rest of the music industry is up to. The results are unlike anything you’ve heard on a Deer Tick album.

To produce this record, the band recruited the team of Adam Landry and Justin Collins, who produced McCauley’s side-project Middle Brother’s debut album.  Distorted guitars aplenty, guitarist Ian O’Neil and drummer Dennis Ryan take lead vocal duties for the first time on record, you can practically smell the sweat and the beer! And even hear a guitar or two break somewhere in there! It’s got a little Exile, it’s got a little In Utero, it’s got a little Nilsson Schmilsson, but it’s 100% Deer-Fucking-Tick in their purest, and most carefree form.

The songs are there. The delivery is in your face. There’s no studio magic. There’s no hiding the fact that Deer Tick is just five regular dudes. This record may rattle your thoughts and it may make you think differently about Deer Tick, but at least they didn’t make the same album four times in a row, right?

Felice Brothers: Celebration Florida

Felice Brothers
Celebration Florida

May 10, 2011
Loose Music

“The Felice Brothers return bigger, better and full of surprises on their fourth UK release.”Q Magazine

“Inventive, playful and utterly engrossing, Celebration, Florida has much to revel in.”Uncut

The Felice Brothers release their fourth album ‘Celebration, Florida‘ through Loose Music on 16th May. Recorded in the gymnasium and theatre of an old school in Beacon, NY, ‘Celebration, Florida’ is the follow-up to 2009’s much-lauded ‘Yonder is the Clock’.

Here’s what’s already known about The Felice Brothers: they are a close-knit band of two brothers and three longtime friends (all in their twenties). They are self-taught – not one of them played an instrument prior to the band’s inception in 2006 when they started busking in New York City subway stations. The Felice Brothers have released three full-length albums.  The majority of their work was recorded in a converted chicken coop at the back of their home in Palenville, upstate New York. They tour almost constantly. Revered for their live show, The Felice Brothers will play for their audience, come hell or high water. A lightning bolt shorted their power supply during an appearance at Newport Folk Festival, but they soldiered on, unplugged, in the rain and barefoot in the mud.

Dawes: Nothing Is Wrong

Nothing Is Wrong

5 Sep 2011
Loose Music

 “like early Jackson Browne or Jimmy Webb, albeit with a more knowing, rootsy swagger” AMERICANA ALBUM OF THE MONTH – Uncut

“Dawes’ sound is redolent of faded denim, scuffed cowboy boots and hours spent sharing seats on a tour bus” ALBUM OF THE WEEK – The Independent

As with North Hills, Dawes opted to record Nothing Is Wrong live to 2″ analog tape. Far from just an exercise in nostalgic authenticity, the band sees the more traditional technique as a way of focusing their energies and affirming their dedication to the creative process.

“If you’re writing on a typewriter,” Goldsmith says, “you have to commit to whatever you’re writing. Typewriters don’t make it easy for you to go back and rethink things. Same thing with recording analog. We don’t do it because that’s what the people we admire did. We do it because it demands something out of us. It doesn’t allow us to show up lazy or not on our game. We cut every track knowing that this stuff isn’t easy to edit.”

The Duke & The King: Long Live The Duke & The King

The Duke & The King
Long Live The Duke & The King

Loose Music
27 Sep 2010

“An outstanding album… one of the albums of the year” Sunday Times

“Tracks that are dusted with magic” The Economist

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The Duke & The Kings debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay was one of 2009s most acclaimed albums, with its heady mix of rootsy folk-rock and vintage soul earning comparisons with artists ranging from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Sly & The Family Stone.Little over a year later, the band lead by Simone Felice and Bobbie Bird Burke prepare for the September 27th release of their second album, the extraordinaryLong Live The Duke & The King on Loose Music/ Silva Oak.

Entirely self-produced, Long Live The Duke & The King was recorded in the bands own studio/shack deep in their home woods ofBearsville, New York, just across the creek from the grave of Bob Dylansnotorious manager Albert Grossman. AsFelicehas saidWe want to make a harmony band, vocal harmony as well as harmony between us, something we can extend to the people who get touched by our songs, judgingby the way this album soundsFelice and Burkehave fully realized such avision. Exalting in their ongoing love affair with rock, folk, soul and psychedelia, The Duke & The King have officially knighted two irreplaceable members to the cast, Nowell “The Deacon” Haskins (of Parliament-Funkadelic liniage), and The Sensational Simi Stone, both of whom contribute golden vocals throughout this stunning collection of songs. To crystallise the vision, the band turned to the legendary mastering engineerBob Ludwig, renowned for his work with iconic artists such asLed Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen,Jimi Hendrix and The Band.A huge fan of the D&K, Ludwig compares Dont Take That Plane Tonight, the albums bizarre climactic final track to his work with Frank Zappa,and their song’Hudson River’to his work with soul legendSam Cooke.

Yet, behind the albums inherent mood of hope, love, and home-grown mystic soul lies the great tribulation the band faced as the album edged towards completion. In the last days of mixingSimone Felicediscovered he must undergo emergency heart surgery to correct the slow degeneration of his aorta brought on by a mystery childhood illness. Unbeknown to Felice, the problem had meant that his body had been fuelled by just an eighth of the blood and oxygen supply needed to survive. Having opted for an examination on little more than a hunch that something was wrong, Felice was told that without immediate treatment it was unlikely hed have survived another year.Indeed, at the very moment Felice was undergoing surgery, Bird was in Maine mastering the album with Ludwig. As Felice recalls, He wanted to stay with me at the hospital until I came to, but I told him to get to Maine and make sure this music gets out no matter what happened to me. Happily, Felice is now on the road to recovery; his creativity freshly inspired by his improving health.

The bands many unforgettable shows included a headline appearance at Londons Union Chapel and an attention-grabbing performance of album favourite The Morning That I Get To Hell on Later with Jools Holland.Simone Felice returns to the UK in August for a full solo tour as well as festival appearances at Green Man and Edinburgh. The Duke & The King are set to return to these shores for their biggest gig to date at Londons Electric Ballroom on October 27th.

Inara George: All Rise

Inara George
All Rise

Loose Music
January 25, 2005

“with the jazz-tinged, sophisto-folk settings creating an air of languid uncertainty, the result is one of the more beguiling singer-songwriter albums of recent months” – The Independent

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Inara George, daughter of the late Little Feat guitarist and songwriter Lowell George, will release her debut album ‘All Rise’ on July 24th on Loose Music.

Produced and largely co-written by Michael Andrews (most famous for composing the ‘Donnie Darko’ score), ‘All Rise’ is a collection of lush, intimately crafted songs. The lilting opener ‘Mistress’ and the stomping ‘Genius’ are amongst the many highlights of an album that demonstrates Inara George’s subtly seductive vocals and natural flair for memorable songwriting. Many listeners have already drawn favourable comparisons to the likes of Emiliana Torrini, Beth Orton, Bjork or Aimee Mann.

‘All Rise’ also features a remarkable interpretation of ‘Fools in Love’, the original version of which appears of Joe Jackson’s accomplished 1979 debut ‘Look Sharp!’.

Inara George is backed on ‘All Rise’ by a band led by Andrews (guitars) and completed by Chris Stillwell (bass), Pete McNeal (drums) and Greg Kurstin (keyboards). Jackson Browne, her godfather, makes a guest appearance on standout track ‘A Day’.

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