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Metric: Fantasies


Metric Music International
April 14, 2009

“The Canadian quartet continues to polish its spacey, new wave-colored sound that’s heavy with buzzing synths and echoed vocals.” – Billboard

“There’s nothing small or careful about Fantasies–it’s a full-on bid for pop glory and it’s a smashing success.” All Music Guide

On April 14, 2009 METRIC’s fourth full length studio album, Fantasies, will be available in stores across the United States. METRIC made a point of taking their time with the writing process on Fantasies and many of the songs were road tested between recording sessions. Says guitarist Jimmy Shaw: “We allowed this record to dictate its own process. Whatever that process was going to be, it was going to be, we were relaxed about it. The whole time I could hear the sound I wanted in my head really big and really dreamy.”

Produced by Gavin Brown, co-produced by Jimmy Shaw and mixed by Grammy nominated, long time friend and collaborator John O’Mahony (Coldplay, The Strokes), the album’s gilded surfaces and textural density “a mix of psychedelia, electro and rock” manifest Shaw’s “dream state” vision. The band is excited about exploring new ways of getting music out to their fans around the world and hope to be part of a new spirit of innovation in the music industry in that regard. “When we got out of our record deal we took meetings with all the usual suspects, the major labels and the big indies” explains METRIC frontwoman Emily Haines. “It was strange having some real choices for the first time in our career while also feeling like whichever deal we chose was going to end up being restrictive and force us to compromise creatively. At one point, we just said ‘oh fuck it, let’s gamble’, took a deep breath and decided to put this record out worldwide our own way.” Always up for a worthwhile challenge, METRIC self-financed the recordings, set up their own global label operation and assembled a team to release Fantasies in major territories around the world. “But we’re not doing it totally on our own” comments guitarist Jimmy Shaw.

In Canada it’s coming out with Last Gang who released Live it Out, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? and Grow Up and Blow Away. Our friends at Arts & Crafts will be releasing the album in Mexico. We’ve also set up distribution and hired our own staff to handle releasing the record in the USA (REDEYE DISTRIBUTION), the UK, all throughout continental Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It’s pretty insane, but it’s really exciting. We might go down in flames, or it might be the best move ever. Either way, it will have been on our terms and for us that is success.”

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